UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are currently around one thousand World Heritage Sites at various locations around the globe, these UNESCO World Heritage Sites are usually selected based on there significance to the area in which they are located,

This significance can be based on endangered or rare species of flora and fauna found at the location, unique land formations that are found no where else on the planet or environments that need protection, these world heritage sites can protect these areas for future generations to come. 

Te Wahipounamu

The year was 1990 when Te Wahipounawu was given the World Heritage Status, this heritage site was chosen for the natural beauty of the area and covers a massive 1.9 million hectares of land, mountains and lakes.

Te Wahipounawu includes areas such as the stunning Mount Cook National Park in the Canterbury region, Mount Aspiring and Westland, the Te Wahipounamu heritage site includes towering vertical cliffs, stunning waterfalls, and deep blue lakes that are feed by glaciers high up in the mountains.

Areas within the Te Wahipounawu heritage site are covered in ancient Beech and podocarp forests that thrive in this environment there are also deep fiords that have been carved out by relentless glaciers moving towards the ocean.

The Te Whipounamu World Heritage Site is home to many rare and endangered birds including the Takahe as well as the inquisitive kea which is only found in this area and is extremly rare in New Zealand.

Te Whipounamu is home to many fantastic hiking trails including some of New Zealand's great walks, If you’re looking for adventure this world heritage site has it all, there are organized tours through the area so you can get the best experience possible.

Tongariro National Park

The Tongariro National Park is a totally unique area of New Zealand and includes three volcanoes, Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro the National Park was incorporated back in 1887 and was New Zealand's first National Park.

The Tongariro National Park was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1987 one hundred years after being made a national park, the area has strong cultural importance to the local Maori.

Mount Ruapehu that is included within the world heritage site last erupted back in 1996 and is still a very active volcano to this day, the Tongariro National Park was gifted to New Zealand by the local Maori Chief Te Heuheu Tukino to ensure that the area got the protection that it needed. 

Subantartic Islands

The subantartic Islands of New Zealand which include Campbell Island, Auckland Island, Bounty Island, Snares Island, and Antipodes island are home to many different species of wildlife and sea birds, as well as rare subantartic plants.

New Zealands subantartic islands are home to five species of sea birds that do not breed anywhere else on New Zealand and around 126 species of birds altogether are found within the subantartic islands.

All five of New Zealand's subantartic islands were incorporated into World Heritage Sites back in 1998, the subantartic islands are only accessible if you can obtain a permit to land on the islands and you can only access the five islands through organized tours. 

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